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Thank you for visiting our web-site.  We are a private Christian Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in the heart of Central New York located in the City of Syracuse.  Whether it be a routine exam, a complex Gynecologic condition or a high risk pregnancy, our mission at the Good Life Centre for Women is based on the total patient experience. While Striving to provide the highest level of care in Obstetrical and Gynecologic medicine and surgery, the concerns of the patient are always a priority.  And with a staff dedicated to making every patient feel welcome, informed, respected and cared for, we are confident you will consider us as a practice set apart.
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Dear Good Life Centre Patients,


It is with great remorse and regret that I must write this to you all.  The Good Life Centre for Women is no longer open for business.  After a long thirteen year battle with the State of New York Department of Health over matters that were never founded in truth, I have decided to forgo fighting this corrupt agency any longer as part of a futile effort to continue practicing in New York State.  The toll for this ordeal has been massive both personally and financially, which simply cannot be sustained.  It was always my goal to provide a level of care and an overall medical experience beyond what would be encountered in any other practice.  Those patients who were members of the practice before the initial setback in 2008 are well aware of what was available for the women of Central New York, which then continued thereafter on a much smaller scale. 


I leave knowing that this objective was indeed accomplished though vanquished through the underworld of medical politics.  It grieves me to think of how many of you are in the middle of various clinical treatment courses that will now have to be continued through another doctor.  There are a handful of physicians in the community that I could recommend if needed and many more who I would not recommend.  I do not wish to name any in this statement.  For those who need records or to communicate, please contact the practice through the website contact portal since I am not sure how much longer the phones will be available.  Though this ordeal has caused considerable unrest, I will be writing a more thorough statement on these matters for the website soon enough (if I can find the stomach one more time).  <click here for more>


In closing, it has been a pleasure serving all of those who trusted their care to the Good Life Centre.  It is my hope that all of you are able to find a practice that you like and where you are comfortable.  Knowing that my practice was an openly Christian practice, it is my even greater hope that all of you (who haven’t already) come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ which can only begin by learning what that means.  Just believing He existed, or that He was a great man of some sort, or that He was even God or that you are a good person is not enough to gain eternal life.  It starts with first of all, believing on some level that God is real.  This is crucial to get past as nominal as it might seem for many.  This documentary here is not only fun to watch, but incredibly revealing on this subject.  In addition to God being real, it is also essential to understand that He purposefully imparted His law and plan for salvation to us via Holy Scripture, which He then finished through the Cross of Christ.  Do not be intimidated by this book.  The richness of information and wisdom is staggering and more importantly, life changing.  Secondly, it takes having the heart to truly want to know both absolute truth and what it takes to achieve eternal life and then having the capacity to believe in something that you cannot see or touch in order to fulfill it.  This is called faith and is described in the Bible as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  This is serious business and will impact where we spend eternity on the other side of life.  “Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.” – Hebrews 11:6.  I will once again make the Christian Resources page available on the home page here for anyone who seeks the assurance (not just the hope) of eternal life.  If anyone reading this has any questions in this area of Biblical truth and the Salvation plan of God, please also feel free to reach out.


Thank you for all your time and support over the years.  The Good Life Centre for Women will sorely be missed.  God bless.


Most Sincerely,


Dr. Caputo