The Good Life Centre for Women
~Obstetrics and Gynecology~

James R. Caputo, M.D.
Fellow of the American Congress of Ob/Gyn




It is with great sadness and regret that The Good Life Centre for Women is no longer open for business.  The decision to close the practice was certainly not one born out of desire but rather that of necessity. 

As many of you know, I had been embroiled for over thirteen years with the Department of Health in Albany, repeatedly defending my medical license over matters that were never founded on anything truly involving my clinical skills as a physician, regardless of what any official (online) documents or commentaries might have to say.  However, due to my lack of knowledge and comprehension of the politics of medicine, particularly at the State level, I made several errors with how I handled the entire matter which resulted in an agenda driven outcome that proved highly unfavorable for my career and consequently, my ability to sustain The Good Life Centre. 

Unfortunately, one cannot roll back the hands of time to 2001 in order to understand the nature of what was unfolding before me and thus be able to properly mitigate the circumstances so as to remain intact as a doctor in New York.  All one has to do is read this short article to appreciate just how awful it has been to personally experience such an assault for more than a dozen years straight.  Tragically, along the way, I also learned a lot about the lack of integrity of women's health in Central New York at the hands of those who chose me to be on the receiving end of all that was described in that article and thus I have been outspoken about all of it.  Yet, nothing and no one has changed and disappointingly, few seem to care.  Interestingly, I don't fault these men since they really have no clue what they have ultimately done to themselves.  After thirteen years and a great deal of pain and suffering involving every single aspect of my life, I am simply tired of and weiry from fighting a battle that I was never going to win after being placed in such an arena, despite having all the truth on my side. 

To all of my patients both past and present, for this I am very sorry.  Sorry for not being wiser about what I was up against.  Sorry for the repeated stop and go of the practice since 2008; for those loyal patients who have stood by my side and are once again without their doctor; and for those who have been presently left without the continuity of their care while in the midst of certain highly specific and personalized treatment protocols.

I leave knowing that this practice was most definitely a great performer across the entirety of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  One that was highly compassionate for all those who entered, beloved by the patients who trusted us with their lives and a medical establishment with an awesome track record for quality care.

By being an independent Christian based practice, it was also a huge blessing to be able to freely share the gospel of Jesus Christ while working alongside one of the most beautiful women of God I will ever know, that being my secretary Linda.  I am sure everyone who had any interaction at all with her would surely testify to that.

In summary, it has been a pleasure and privilege serving the women of this community since 1998 and it shall be the will of God should I ever find myself back again.  Farewell. 

-James R. Caputo, M.D.


updated 11/7/2014

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